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Tours from US
Gene T.
16. 6월. 2008. 12:09

Do any of your affordable Machu-Pichu tour packages offer discounted airfare from Washington DC or Baltimore?

Thank you, Gene

Re: Tours from US
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16. 6월. 2008. 12:53

Dear Gene,

First, I would like to thank you for your interest in our services.

As any local Agency, we don't offer any service including the international flight for a simple reason: buying in an Agency out of USA you will pay 2 times national taxes. My recommendation is to buy your international flight in USA and one of our tours directly from you pages.

Our website about the Machu Picchu Tour is: www.machupicchu-tour.com

Our website about the Inca Trail is: www.inca-trail.com.pe

Our website about the Salcantay Trek is: www.salcantay.info

Best regards,

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