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Last update: 01. 3월. 2023.

Payment with PagoEfectivo

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Since March 1st, 2023 we offer the possibility to book online and pay without a credit card. The payment is done after booking online by one of the means of your choice. We know that many people don't have a credit card. This means is perfect to safely pay for a reservation, a deposit or entrance tickets to Machu Picchu.

This new means of payment is free of extra charge and open to everyone. This 100% Peruvian service works for people physically present in Peru or with a bank account in Peru.

How to choose PagoEfectivo ?

When paying the reservation or the online purchase you can choose to do it with a credit card or with PagoEfectivo. By choosing this option, your reservation request is registered and you will immediately receive a confirmation email payment instructions:

Since online reservations are made on an available-space basis, payment with PagoEfectivo must be made within a specified period of time indicated when booking. Any reservation without payment within this period is simply cancelled.

Means of payment

Payment can be made at your convenience in 4 possible ways:

*Extra fees may apply

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